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Under The Persimmon Tree
Probably never going to bring sexy back.
Awkward Turtles are awesome.
~Caught in between who I am and who I want to be~

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I’m gonna win seventy-seven arguments that way.


Me as a villian




Every airline flight in the world over 24 hours.

i can’t stop staring at this

It looks as if Europe and US are having a pissing contest.



Are you a piece of art because I’d like to nail you up against a wall

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Earlier today, I met with several students at Addis Ababa University to discuss the opportunities and challenges they face in their academic and professional lives.

One of the biggest challenges we have here on the Internet is hearing marginalized and underrepresented voices, especially those…


I’m a Harvey fan. I’m a Donna fan.





periods help you learn how to get blood off of things which is probably why you hear more stories of men caught with murder







The tallest statue in the world, Ushiku Daibutsu.

this always gives me chills


Always reblog

So neat

Humans can do some cool things occasionally 


The Beauty of Prayer

This is a photo I shot right after the completion of my sister’s nikah, or Islamic marriage, while she was making a supplication to God. Although it seems like such a simple action, it is so valuable for every Muslim. It is simply raising your hands to ask your wishes from God, to pray for yourself and everyone around you. In essence it’s a simple action, but there is so much beauty involved. It is form of a connection one can have with God by praying and making dua, or supplication. It is especially important for Muslims to continue making dua during the last few nights of Ramadan. For Muslims, Ramadan is a time for spiritual connection with God, and self reflection. And what better way to both assess yourself and connect with God than by simply raising your hands and asking. Muslims believe that God is the Most Merciful, and what better way to ask for his mercy than to raise your hands in his honor and ask. 


Smoke from an Israeli strike rises over Gaza City on July 22, 2014. (Hatem Moussa/AP)


If actual holocaust survivors can acknowledge Israel is fucked up straight out there is literally 0 excuse for removed Jewish American teenagers to be all “my emotional attachment to Israel makes things complicated”. It’s a fucking genocidal state, there is nothing “complicated” about supporting ethnic supremacy and genocide, you’re a piece of shit is what it is.